Setup A Business

On this page you will find the scripts for the video tutorials that guide you through the four steps of the Business Sign up process. You can view the video tutorial for step 1 when you begin the sign up procedure and the remaining steps at each stage of the process. You can also visit our YouTube channel and view the videos for step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4. If you are still undecided about joining the Yellow Pages business community, check out some Good Reasons to join!

Step 1 - Administrator

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “Business Sign Up - Step 1 - Administrator”

Our Yellow Pages is a multi-language platform with English and French. This means you can select a different language at any time by clicking on the language flag in the top right corner.

As this is the English tutorial, we will proceed in English. We are on the homepage and we will   click on the ‘Join Us” button at the top of the page.

The business sign up procedure is an easy four-step online process. It may take 5 minutes if you are the business owner or upper management and therefore have knowledge and/or access to business operation details.

Now, let us access the Join Us page. Here you will note that there are two videos; one for members and one for businesses. You are viewing the one for businesses right now.

Select type of account “Business”.

Then enter the details of the account administrator: Title, Name, and email. You should note that you will be able to add a second user to your account from your Business dashboard once your registration is complete. The second user will not be able to amend your administrator details, but can access and upload business content and media, as well as YellowMail and quotations. For more information please view the video tutorial or read the script for Business Dashboard. 

Next you must enter a phone number. You will note that the field for a fixed line number has a grey frame whereas Mobile has a yellow frame. Yellow frames mean this is compulsory data that the Yellow Pages needs.

Why do we need your mobile number? This is because we have a system update planned, where we will enable members to recover their password through SMS, and will provide a two step login for businesses.

Next, we need to set a password and here I have created some examples of passwords that are ‘Too Short’ (12345 or Abc45), or ‘Too Weak’ (1234abc or 1A2B3C4), I have one that will be considered ‘Good’ (1A2b34C5), as it contains digits and letters in lower/upper case.

However, I recommend a strong password, so I created one with lower/upper case letters, digits and symbols (1A2#b34Cd5bBe6). You will note that the system agrees that this is a strong password.

Then we have date of birth. Date of birth will also be part of the mentioned forthcoming updates, where we use the date of birth as a security answer. We also plan to have prize draws for the birthday men and women of each month.

Location: you may be located in another place of operation, so location is used if you search for other businesses (B2B) through the advanced search option.

Finally, you need to agree to our terms and conditions with a tick. You can read the terms and conditions by accessing the text link here. You must also tick the I’m not a robot box below that before you can proceed.

By clicking the next button, we have now completed the first step “Account Administrator” and you will move to the 2nd step “Business Setup part 2” for basic business details, where you will find another video tutorial.

Please note You will need to complete the email address verification process to activate the business account and access your dashboard.


In case you are unable to complete your registration at this time for any reason, as long as you verify your email address you will be able to log into your account from the homepage and access your dashboard to complete the remaining steps of your business registration.

Step 2 - Business Details

You are now viewing Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial “Business Sign Up - Step 2 - Business Details”

For the next two steps it will be best that you have fundamental knowledge of your business operation and details.

Firstly the Mauritius Yellow Pages needs basic information to verify that you are a local business and to help you to build trust with your customers. None of the information that we require can be considered confidential, as by law any customer or business partner can request the same from you directly, and should be provided with it in such cases.

Data entry And Settings

Enter the following details:

Company Name

The Company Name is the name as per incorporation. Do not add details such as “Mauritius” or anything else that is NOT officially registered, to the name, as it will delay the approval process. Any abuse after registration will mean the suspension of your account without a refund if you select a paid plan.

The Trade Name - a company may conduct business under a different name known as a trade name i.e. most hotels are set up this way. Our search option “Business Name” will consider both

Admin Information

Enter your Position in the company as Account Administrator from the drop down list.

Then enter the Legal Status of the company or organisation from the drop down list, note that you can choose from different types of businesses, or government or public authorities, educational institutions, NGO’s, trusts or religious establishments.

Contact Details

Please enter an email address which will be used to send notifications when you receive YellowMail and for other tools subject to the business page plan you have chosen. Therefore this email address must be accessible by you, the administrator. You can also use the same email address you entered in the Business Administrator details in Step 1. 

In this section you must also add the contact details for your business that a consumer or other business can use to contact you; either a landline or mobile phone number, or both. These will appear on your Yellow Pages Business page. If you have a fax number you can also enter that here.

Business Model

Select your business model from the drop down menu, choosing from (B2B), (B2C), (B2B/B2C), or Government/Public Authority, Educational Institution, or Other. This feature makes it easier for consumers and businesses to find exactly what they are looking for.

Business Information

This section consists of your Registration Number and VAT Number. The Registration Number field has multiple purposes and relates to the legal status of your business, organisation, or association. All businesses will need to verify that they are officially registered by entering their BRN - this is your Business Registration Number - consisting of 1 letter followed by 8 digits, or if you are an LLP - 3 letters followed by 7 digits. Any organisation including NGOs and Non-profits, associations, trusts, government or public authorities, educational institutions, or religious establishments that are engaged in commercial activities should also have been issued with a BRN and should enter it here. This will allow for the promotion of products or services through your business page on the Yellow Pages. 

You should note that as per the law in Mauritius, any individual, company or organisation including government/public authorities that are trading or selling products or services are required to obtain a BRN.

If you are a government or public authority, NGO, Trust, educational institution, or religious establishment, that has a registration requirement, you should enter that number here. For example, NGOs are issued with a number which could be four or five digits long. If you have no official registration number then you may leave the field blank.

Value Added Tax (VAT) number

If your business is not VAT registered, you simply tick the “VAT Exempt” box.


Location is where you operate your business. You may have an administration office but your physical operation is considered the place where your customers will visit to place an order or view your products. In case you have a head office and branches; you will enter the location of the head office. Branches can be setup from the dashboard, however, it will require the paid plan: “Premium+”.

There are two address fields; one is for English and the other French. You need to fill in both as they are displayed on the English and French versions of the Yellow Pages respectively. If your address is just a number and street name, you simply duplicate the address, unless your street name has English and French versions, i.e. Sodnac Avenue in English, and Avenue Sodnac in French. On the other hand if you have “office number” or “floor” information you should add the English and French version. Do not write ‘corner’ or other information, as it will delay the approval process and/or publication.


By clicking the next button, we have now completed the second step “Business Details” and you will move to the 3rd step “Business Setup part 3 - Business Page Plan and Categorisation” for selection of your business page plan and categorisation of your business. You will also find a video tutorial to assist you in the process.

Please note In case you are unable to complete your registration at this time for any reason, as long as you verify your email address you will be able to log into your account from the homepage and access your dashboard to complete the remaining steps of your business registration.

Step 3 - Business Page Plan and Categorisation

You are now viewing Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial “Business Sign Up - Step 3 - Business Page Plan and Categorisation”

Select Plan, Categorisation and Payment

On this page you should choose your 

Business Page Plan

Depending on the plan you select, your business will become more visible and included in the business search. Check the “Compare Plan” table and you will note that the Classic+ plan will ensure that your business is found within the Service/Product search. And for the Premium plan the brands you represent will also be searchable.

In other words upgrading equals additional branding and sales options including more presentation options and an increase of items within your catalogue, coupons and others.

Gaining access to admin tools will depend on the plan you select; such tools include job vacancies, coupons and page stats to mention just a few.

Business Categories

Once you have selected your plan, your business categories section will be displayed. For all plans there is only one Main Business category. However, depending on your plan the number of 2nd level and 3rd level business categories available changes. The same applies for keywords, as these enable businesses to add more relevant search terms to their business page that again is used by Yellow Pages and Search Engines.
These two functions will naturally affect your overall business page searchability.

Considering the very affordable pricing structure that Mauritius Yellow Pages has; it may be worthwhile to consider a paid plan.

No matter which plan you choose,  it will have a positive effect on your business’s online visibility and profile, and the YellowMail function is beneficial for all local businesses.


The basic branding is the Logo of your business. If you have chosen a paid plan, we highly recommend you upload this at the same time as you complete your business registration.

The tooltip on your right hand side will provide information on the type and size of graphic you can upload

Free Classic Plan

If you have chosen a free “Classic” plan, you can click next and you will be directed to the summary page. You only need to verify your email to activate your account and access your dashboard. More information will be provided on the summary page.

Paid Plan

If you have chosen a paid plan, you will need to select one of the following modes of payment:

  1. Payment online by card: you need credit card details/authorisation, OR
  2. Bank transfer: you need to have your bank details/authorisation, OR
  3. Cheque: issue payment as per details provided by the system, OR
  4. Cash: an authorisation code is issued by management and the code is validated as part of the payment process in step 4.

If you select payment online by card you will be able to proceed with your payment in step 4. For bank transfers and cheque payment you will be provided with MYP’s bank details in Step 4. If you have visited our office or are with an MYP sales representative, you can choose to make a cash payment for which an authorisation code is to be issued by management. You can enter this code in Step 4.  

If an MYP sales person has provided you with a promo code to obtain a discount on a paid plan, you can enter it into the promo code field and your invoice will reflect the discounted price.

In case you are unable to process payment at this time, we recommend that you select a Classic plan, as it is free. You can always upgrade within your dashboard at any time.

You are always welcome to contact the yellow pages’ sales department for assistance.

Remember you need to verify your email to activate your account and access your dashboard. More information on this subject will be provided on the summary page video tutorial, and you can also access our FAQ site on the subject of email verification and email whitelisting.


Step 4 - Business Verification

You are now viewing Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial “Business Sign Up - Step 4 - Business Verification”

You have completed three easy steps for account administrator, business setup and selected your business page plan. And you are now directed to the summary page and payment information if you selected a paid plan and payment by bank transfer or cheque, a payment button if you selected card payment or a code authorisation button if you selected cash payment.

To make a payment by card, click on the payment button and you will be directed to the payment screen where you should enter your card details. In case you encounter a processing error or you change your mind about your method of payment, you may click the back button and you will be directed to select an alternate mode of payment. Click on the new mode of payment and follow the instructions presented.

If you have visited our office or are with an MYP sales representative and have chosen to make a cash payment, you will have received an authorisation code via email. Click on the ‘Validate Authorisation Code’ Button to open a pop-up window and enter the code you have been provided in the authorisation code field and click on the ‘Submit Authorisation Code’ button. You can then close the pop-up window and return to the summary screen.

In case you notice an error in the summary of your information, you can correct this when you login and access User details (Admin) or Business details. As mentioned before, you will also be able to upgrade your business page plan within your dashboard at any time.

It is IMPORTANT to note that you must verify the email provided for account registration. You will NOT be able to log in if the email is not verified. 

To verify your email we need to access our email account.

As you can see, there is an activation email from

In case you do not find such an email in your inbox, you need to check your Spam or Junk folder. In case you find the email there, you will need to whitelist the domain name, so that you do not miss out on future emails from us. This is generally a very simple process. In Outlook, you right click on the email and from the dropdown menu you select either Junk and/or your antivirus to select the whitelist function.

In case you are in doubt on how, you can also access our FAQ site on the subject of email verification and email whitelisting.

I have clicked the activation link within the verification email received. And you can see that I am now directed back to the Yellow Pages and the red notification bar informs me that my account is now activated.

As we have completed this process, we can access our dashboard. Here you will find another video tutorial plus tooltips on the right side, and on the left side, a menu bar. The same applies for each section within the menu.

You are always welcome to contact the Yellow Pages customer service team for assistance.

Thank you for viewing the tutorials on Business Sign Up for Mauritius Yellow Pages, and we look forward to supporting you as a local organisation or enterprise.