Search Options

On this page you will find the script for the video tutorial that guides you through the Search Options of the Yellow Pages. You can view the video tutorial on our Search Options page, or on our YouTube channel. Remember you can also use the advanced search option page to request quotations from businesses for products or services, find out more here.

Welcome to the Mauritius Yellow Pages’ Tutorial for “Search Options”

To make searching for a business on the Mauritius Yellow Pages simple, we provide a number of search options including our Advanced Search Option(s).

The Search Bar displays the traditional search “What and Where” method by default, and when you start typing within one of the two fields a drop down menu will provide you with suggestions to help you find what you want;

The “What” relates to the category of a business, so now we will try to search a business category: “Accountant” or “Accounting Service”

The “Where” relates to the area you want to search for a business such as a village, city or the capital “Port Louis”

The search results list a number of businesses. There might be a business that is listed as unclaimed, this means that the contact details may be outdated. However, you can obtain our assistance by using YellowMail to contact this business, as our customer service team will facilitate all YellowMail addressed to Unclaimed Businesses.

Businesses that are verified will all have their basic contact information on the search results page

Before we look at this, let us look at the two other traditional search options.

When you click the options button, a drop down menu will display the Business Name and Phone Number search options;

So, if you know the business name and are looking for their details, you can for example search for event organiser “RB Events”; the search result is clear, and you can click on the info icon to access their business page to obtain their details.

You may also have a phone number and want to obtain the location or research the services they offer. Again you click on “Options,” select phone number from the drop down menu, and enter the phone number and in this search result it is a tour operator “LRT”. We can access their business page to research their services. 

As you will note their business page has some tourism brands that they offer. They have a catalogue section, and they have a video presentation. As they are a tourism business they also have a Book Now button integrated in the page that is linked to their online booking system.